Extra Stuff: Photoshop Dump 001

Sometimes I take it upon myself to dib and dab in a bit of Photoshop. Part hobby, part time waster, I figured I'd start posting some of my little creations here. I also take requests without reason. Because I'm bored. Help me.


Post 002: Grits, Grips, & Scripts

So how does one go about wanting to write an ultra-violent gay exploitation action movie in the deep south? What idiot takes it upon himself to put men in drag and film them in cramped backwoods rural towns? Well, hopefully me as I find myself once again, from scratch, rewriting the one script that I wanted to do more than anything for the third time. The first version was without direction and was scrapped about 3/4th into the story and the second version, while completed, didn't do anything interesting when developing the characters (or rather those that actually did get development) and while this time having direction, had a direction that was way too narrow and constricted for what I had originally wanted to be just as exciting and fresh as the concept itself was weird and eccentric.

Even though it is an absolute pain in the ass to be starting again at square one, it is a blessing of sorts to have the ability to look at your own work with a critical eye. This project isn't just a movie I want to make, it's a movie that I'd want to pay to see and if the story doesn't excite me in this way then it won't excite the audience for shit. While I do wonder what kind of audience a film of this strange caliber will attract, the one thing that I know for sure is that to go into this half assed isn't just a disservice to the viewer, but also insult to my own standards. If it can't stand on its own two legs then it isn't worth shit and it certainly isn't worth the time and investment needed to make a feature length film. Hence, why it's actually a good thing that I'm doing this story again, completely differently, for the third time.

I hope that soon I can start feeding more details of the story into these postings, but for now I follow the ancient Buddhist teachings of The Rza's instant shlock classic, 'The Man With The Iron Fists':

"Words are traps for ideas. Once the idea is caught, the trap is no longer needed. This, he who knows, does not speak. This is called mind to mind. Heart to heart."

...Or in other words, "Don't put shit out there if you want it to get stolen."

Yours again,
-James Dupree


Post 001: From Zero To Something

Hello and welcome to the future spot of the MSV-ENT production blog. All future media and production journals will be posted here, so please subscribe and be the first to know on all MSV happenings.

Firstly, a bit about myself. My name is Jacob 'James' DuPree and at the time of this posting I am about a month and a half away from being thirty years old. I am currently living right outside of Gainesville, Florida (home of the University of Florida) in a small backwoods town called Alachua. I am a life-long lover of all things cinema and all my life I have dreamed about making movies. Ever since I was a child I had an utter fascination with being endlessly inundated with the glorious spectacle that is visual media and through that lifetime obsession, I have learned many things about the art of crafting cinema. This is day one: The day I finally cement my dedication to this dream and start creating with the magic of imagination and an absolute love for the trade of filmmaking.

I hope you'll subscribe and join me on this journey into the world of cinema.

Thank you and always remember to keep your dreams alive,